Traditional Methods vs The Feedme Solution

A direct comparison between the traditional method and Feedme's method of organic waste disposal


Food waste is created and stored in unsightly bins and bags that take up space on the property.

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Organic food waste and rubbish trash bins

Collection trucks that produce carbon emissions pickup and remove the waste and transport it to a transfer station

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Truck going to transportation station

More trucks are needed to transfer the waste from the transfer station to the landfill. The landfill receives all the waste and produces large quantities of CO2 and methane gas.

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Truck going to landfill

THE FEEDME solution

Food waste is created, collected and placed in the food waste machine.

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Feedme Solutions Organic Food Waste Machine with organic food bucket

Food waste is mixed with water and micro-organisms.

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Water and Microbes Icon

The trade waste enters the sewage system and travels to the wastewater treatment facility.

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sewage piping icon

The facility converts the wastewater into power and the by-product created from this process (biosolids) produces a fertilizer that is high in nutrients and can be used in the agricultural industry.

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Power Lines and Biosolids created from Food Waste