Feedme Solutions | The Eco-Friendly Cost-Effective Food Waste Disposal Solution

Why Choose Us?

Feedme Solutions provides an eco-friendly cost-effective solution for organic waste that is perfect for all businesses in the food industry.

We can help you reduce the costs associated with managing organic waste and divert this waste from the landfill, taking care of the environment at the same time.

Our food waste liquefier machines are designed to be incorporated easily into any commercial kitchen, supermarket, hotel, resort or food distribution business.


There are numerous ways that the Feedme Organic Waste digester machine can save you money.
  • Reduce waste transportation and disposal costs.
  • Reduce cleaning supply costs (plastic bags, bins, etc.)
  • Improve workflow.
  • Guaranteed fixed rate for 5 years.
  • Monthly usage fee calculated based on volume (cost per kg).
  • Usage reporting can be used as a tool for future procurement decisions.

operational BENEFITS

We endeavour to provide a solution for food waste that is eco-friendly cost-effective, promotes efficiency, increases sanitation and ensures reliability.
Feedme Solutions Digester Food Waste Disposal Machine
Various Capacities

We have multiple machines to suit the various volumes of food waste generated.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Feedme E-Cloud supplies data in real-time that is paramount to increasing profitability, enhancing staff performance, remaining sustainable and preventing waste altogether.

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Service Plan

We offer an extensive service plan to ensure our clients get the support they need.

Clean & Sanitary

Our food waste disposal machine reduces the need for unsanitary garbage bags and bins which attract pests.

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save on space

Save on space with a reduction in unsightly food waste bins and rubbish bags.

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Easy to Use

Anyone can operate the machine with ease and we provide training.

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Meet Sustainability Targets

Our solution helps your business align itself with both government and corporate social responsibility initiatives.


You can do your bit to protect the environment & increase your sustainability.
  • Organic food is diverted from the landfill
  • Food waste is turned into a renewable resource.
  • Reduces the number of garbage trucks on the road which in turn lowers CO2 emissions.
  • Existing infrastructure is used to recycle the food waste.
  • Assists both government and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
See our Sustainable Solution

Included in our solution

There are plenty of added benefits to implementing our Feedme Solution.
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Delivery, Setup & Training
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Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
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Regular Maintenance & Servicing
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All Required Micro-organisms & Bio-Chips
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Diversion Reporting & Online Portal in our Eco-Cloud
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Customer Support
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Equipment for Food Transportation