The Feedme Organic Food Waste Disposal Machine

Our food waste disposal and liquefier converts food waste into a nutrient-rich liquid that flows down the sewage system. It is completely self-contained, eco-friendly and can be continually fed. The Feedme machine solves your food waste disposal problems.

Feedme Solutions Digester Food Waste Disposal Machine

Our digester is designed to be incorporated easily into any commercial kitchen, supermarket, hotel, resort or food distribution business.

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Easy to Use

Anyone can operate the digester/liquifier and we will train staff members as a part of our solution. Take a look here.


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Food waste is turned into a renewable resource & fewer garbage trucks on the road, lowers CO2 emissions.

Delivery, Setup & Training is included
We Care About the Environment

The Feedme Solution uses environmentally friendly processes.

Tonnes of food waste enters the landfill from the hospitality industry every year. This food waste breaks down at a greatly reduced rate due to there being a lack of oxygen in the process. One banana can take a couple of years to break down.

Our food waste processing machine diverts food waste from the landfill and turns it into a liquid that goes straight into the sewage system. It is then used to produce eco-friendly by-products like power and biosolids for farming.

Our process reduces the number of garbage trucks on the road which lowers CO2 emissions.

Food waste is turned into a renewable energy resource.

Reliable, durable, quiet and fast

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